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eocon Surveys is a Professional Surveying Firm offering a wide spectrum of Land Survey services since our inception in 2004.The founder & Chairman P.Krishna Prasad fondly known as “KP” has extensive professional experience. Mr.Krishna Prasad has worked as a Surveyor in different private organizations and as the Chief consultant of Geocon-Surveys. Currently Geocon-Surveys is being headed by Mr.Krishna Prasad rendering good and transparent services to public. Mr.Krishna Prasad has License to Practice as Surveyor from Dept. of Survey Settlement and Land Records, Hyderabad, A.P.

Geocon-Surveys received lot of accolades and appreciations under his able guidance and experienced leadership with the competent and qualified Surveyors.

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We have worked for Government organizations like NTPC, HNPC, NHAI, APRWS&S, APSMIDC RAILWAYS, APIIC, APHB, R&B, AAI, Survey Settlement & Land records, Marine Fisheries Research, Colleges and reputed private organizations, Real-Estate ventures, and individuals.

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